SquareOne Interview: Lilac Lungs talk new album, ‘Eventide’

SquareOne Interview: Lilac Lungs talk new album, ‘Eventide’
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Album Review: Lilac Lungs – ‘Eventide’

SquareOne Interview: Lilac Lungs

Lilac Lungs are an up-and-coming pop/rock quartet from Detroit. The band just released their debut full-length album, Eventide, which is a big step in both maturity and progression. Following 2016’s self-titled EP, Lilac Lungs added bassist Terrance Patrick and drummer Matt Jones to the songwriting process. Eventide is an album that varies heavily in mood, pace, and tone. Every song is a bit different with “Uh Oh” being a pop anthem to “Guard Dog,” “Next to Nothing,” among others that are personal and deep.

SquareOne correspondent Brad LaPlante had a chance to sit down with vocalist Emily Torres and guitarist Johney Birrel about the new album and new matured sound for the band. Their live show has improved, which is why you should stay tuned to keep updated with any tours they are going on later this year.

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