Album Review: Stolas – ‘Stolas’

Album Review: Stolas – ‘Stolas’
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Back in March Las Vegas-based band Stolas released their third full-length album “Stolas” through Equal Vision Records. I recently listened to it last week and everything about this record is incredible. From the thoughtful and timely lyrics, to stellar and soothing instrumentals Stolas has become known for being a band with the “Blue Swan” style of playing.

That is eccentric, and complex guitar leads with complex drums, and thoughtful lyrics that make people think. I gave a brief description about what each song is about through They featured an interview with vocalist Carlo Marquez and this is the general synopsis about what each song means.

Anhedonia: Addiction to tech
Bellwether: Greed of everything.
Maximizer: Never being satisfied with what you have
Damage Division: Anxiety/Depression
Anecdoche: Everyone talks, but no one listens.
Cold & Unmanagable: Losing motivation
Catalyst: Not focusing/ADHD
Euphoria: The pharmaceutical industry over-prescribing people. The reasons why opiate use is at an all-time high, instead of doctors helping people feel better. 
Pacesetter: Politics being a stupid game where people never win.
Metempsychosis: “We don’t talk to each other but we want to find more life out there in the vast cosmos, or create it.” About the universe and how no one knows the answer.

Overall, this record is my album of the year so far. Every song just flows into the next and it’s so easy to sit down and just be soothed with the amazing instrumentals. The guitars and drums on this record are impressive and insane. Definitely check this record out yourself and see why I call the record my AOTY so far.

Stolas – Stolas

Release: March 17, 2017 – Equal Vision Records

Rating: 10/10 – Craig Zombar
Replay Worthy: “Bellwhether,” “Anecdoche,” “Cold & Unmanagable,” “Euphoria,” “Metempsychosis.”
Buy it, Stream it, or Skip it? Buy it if you can, but at least stream it. This record will make your day better. Every song is replay worthy by the way, I just listed my favorites :).