Album Review: Silverstein – ‘Dead Reflection’

Album Review: Silverstein – ‘Dead Reflection’
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Ah yes, Silverstein. The band that has constantly been under the radar for the last few years and are finally getting some of the recognition they deserve. The band’s overall sound has been constantly changing since releasing Rescue in 2011. At first, it turned a lot of people off since This Is How The Wind Shifts was a tad more pop-focused than the band has ever been and following up with their Rise Records debut, I Am Alive In Everything I Touch (their previous release), things didn’t look good for admirers of their heavier work. Dead Reflection is the best album Silverstein has ever released.

In an interview that we did with Silverstein, Billy Hamilton tells us that while in the studio, the band learned a few tricks to perfect their sound. Hamilton explains that the band was able to keep their lighter strings tuned normally, and dropping the tuning of the heavier strings in order to sound new, but at the same time heavy. The first few tracks fly by. The album is aggressive through nearly a quarter of the album, but the best song on the album is one that isn’t the heaviest. “Aquamarine” is the best song Silverstein has released since 2013’s “Massachusetts” and might even be better than that.

Dead Reflection is the exact representation of what Silverstein wants to sound like. Everything that’s heavy is perfected, and so is everything poppy about this album (re: “The Afterglow”). Like I mentioned before, Silverstein shines the most they ever have on Dead Reflection and it’s evident this is the best material the band has ever released.

Silverstein – Dead Reflection
Release: July 14, 2017 – Rise Records

Rating: 10/10 – Brad LaPlante
Replay Worthy: “Aquamarine”
Buy it, Stream it, or Skip it?: Buy it. This deserves your attention.