Album Review: Seaway – ‘Vacation’

Album Review: Seaway – ‘Vacation’
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Nothing disappointed me more in 2015 than Seaway‘s sophomore full-length Colour Blind. That year saw so many pop-punk bands go for gold. And not to mention that their previous EP All In My Head was so promising that only a subpar full-length would follow it. I’ll tell you this though: Vacation is the best album that Seaway has ever released. “Neurotic” shows off the band’s pop sensibility, while “Lula On The Beach” could be taken from Weezer’s playbook, or even “Curse Me Out” which reminds me so much of the ’90s.

The whole album focuses in on a getaway aesthetic, mostly seen in the songs “Lula On The Beach,” “Something Wonderful,” and others, but then is contradicted in “London” seeing lyrics scream, “I can’t go anywhere, I’m too broke.” One of the highlights through the album is the energetic “Scatter My Ashes Along the Coast or Don’t” that features famed Beartooth frontman Caleb Shomo. It’s a bit softer than I expected, but still offers a few slams near the end to carry through to the end of the song.

Vacation is surely an improvement compared to Colour Blind but it’s still evident that Seaway’s music isn’t as on-par as it definitely could be. The first half of the album is just so much better than the middle that it has no way of being able to compete. Most of Vacation feels very uneasy and inconsistent. Certain songs you’ll fall head-over-heels for, while others won’t even make your Spotify playlist.

Seaway – Vacation

September 15, 2017 (Pure Noise Records)
8/10 (Brad LaPlante)

Replay: “Lula On The Beach”