Album Review: SAINTE – ‘smile, and wave’

Album Review: SAINTE – ‘smile, and wave’
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I know what you’re probably thinking. Tay Jardine? You mean that girl from We Are The In Crowd? Well, yes. But also – her new endeavor. She calls it SAINTE then paints herself purple and yellow and adds an ’80s aesthetic. It’s addictive, glamorizing, and super fun. So when SAINTE’s debut seven-track album, smile, and wave, dropped, I had to listen. What I found was even more pleasing.

Each song has a different feeling associated with it – for starters, “Eyes Are Open” is a career-reflecting salute that sees Jardine moving on past WATIC and to SAINTE (if there’s no one believing, then how did we get this far?). “Technicolor” introduces an ’80s theme, reminding us of a time where technology was just budding and typewriters were all the rave.

Emotional lyricism and a heartfelt chorus unleash on “Lighthouse,” the climax on the album. Everything slows down and builds to two explosive tracks near the end, including the shining “If You Ever Feel Alone.” SAINTE has certainly created something special and this time, it’s evident the world needs to hear it.

SAINTE – smile, and wave
Release: June 30, 2017 – Good Problems

Rating: 9/10 – Brad LaPlante
Replay Worthy: “Eyes Are Open”
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