Album Review: Lilac Lungs – ‘Eventide’

Album Review: Lilac Lungs – ‘Eventide’
Listen to Lilac Lungs’ debut full-length, ‘Eventide,’ here
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It’s reassuring when a band releases a new album that heads in a positive direction musically. There are so many things that can turn people off, whether it’s appealing to a new fanbase, old fanbase, or even releasing a nerve-wracking sophomore album. For Lilac Lungs, releasing their debut full-length album, Eventide, must have been quite the breeze because this ten-track marathon is a freaking bop. Compared to their first EP, these ten songs are beyond anything I was expecting.

Eventide goes through a wave of emotions to start; from the suspenseful “Welcome To The Fallout,” the dramatic “Next to Nothing,” and the poppy “Uh Oh,” there’s a clear sense of maturity and defined improvement within vocals from lead singer Emily Torres. Unlike their first EP, Eventide includes a batch of songs that are fun and exciting to listen to throughout the entirety of the release. The Lilac Lungs EP included a variation of songs where I would get turned off at some point within the song, such as the bridge, chorus, or both. Their verses seemed to always be average or on point. There was never a sense of weakness in that aspect.There are portions on Eventide where it was hard for me to grasp attention and not get distracted from listening, but there are also parts, for the majority actually, that have me gripping the album tightly with every fiber of my being.

“Guard Dog” highlights the album in the best way. The chorus is incredible and most of the track blows me away. It’s definitely not one you’ll find yourself skipping through listening to the album. The album is definitely an emotional rollercoaster in every way. Some songs will feed you drama, some will make you smile, some will hit you hard. Regardless, the new Lilac Lungs full-length is one you’ll find in your music library very soon.

Lilac Lungs – Eventide
Release: May 12, 2017 – Independent
Rating: 9/10

Replay Worthy: “Uh Oh,” “Guard Dog,” “Circle”