Album Review: Have Mercy- ‘Make The Best Of It’

Album Review: Have Mercy- ‘Make The Best Of It’
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After almost three years since A Place of Our Own Have Mercy have returned with an eleven track album that’s bound to hit you right in the feels. Make the Best of It is a seven month in the making project that gives listeners a front row seat to what appears to be the lowest points of lead singer Brian Swindles life. The album delivers a perfect blend of melodic soft guitar parts to aggressive fast pace in your face rock and roll. Driven by the voice power of some very emotional lyrics from a Brian Swindle that seems pretty fed up with the world beating him down. Brian brings to the table some of his deepest songs yet, even going as far as fantasizing about cutting his ex-girlfriends new boyfriends brake lines (“Reaper”). This band continues to get better by every release despite any challenges that stand in the way, proving that this Baltimore rock band is going to be around for a while.

The album hits on all cylinders, giving everyone a little bit of what they want, all while holding onto that distinct sound we’ve come to expect and love from this band. The first single “Coexist” sticks to that classic Have Mercy sound that appeals heavily to any pop punk fan, even though it’s not really pop punk at all. Arguably the best song on the album, “Good Christian Man,” presents Brian at his absolute lowest point, with a powerful hook and a descriptive story of all the obstacles that plagued the band in the making of this cd. With lyrics like “They wrote me off, they sent me a letter saying you’re as good as gone” the second single off this cd paints you a vivid picture of how hard they really worked to release this. The best part about this album is how it somehow manages to satisfy every aspect of the Have Mercy fan base, whether you prefer the more pop punkish style on tracks such as “Coexist” and “Begging for bones” or the slower more melodic tone on “Baby Grand” and “Ghost” or even the faster more aggressive songs like “Reaper” and, my personal favorite, “Disagree.” Have Mercy continues to prove that they’ve yet to hit their ceiling, Making the best of any opportunity presented to them by releasing relatable music with hard hitting lyrics that you can really get into on a cloudy day.


Have Mercy – Make The Best Of It
Release: April 21, 2017 – Hopeless Records
Rating: 10/10 – Christopher Sims

Replay Worthy: “Good Christian Man”, “Disagree”, “Coexist”, “Baby Grand”