Album Review: Grayscale – ‘Adornment’

Album Review: Grayscale – ‘Adornment’
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Reviewing certain albums becomes difficult once you realize that there’s no way a review of such a near-flawless record will do it any justice. Adornment, the debut full-length album from Pennsylvania rockers Grayscale, is one of those albums.

Opening with “Let It Rain,” the band showcases their ability to write original riffs while keeping them catchy and pop-sensible.While track one isn’t the most amazing thing you’ll ever listen to, the remaining eleven songs will be. “Come Undone” is one of the most eye-opening earworms to exist. Featuring guest vocals from As It Is frontman Patty Walters, I was worried when Grayscale announced the tracklisting that the song would overpower Walters’ vocals and give him his own verse, but on the contrary, the insanely addictive song is harmonized between the two and it sounds amazing. “Slipping Away” and “Atlantic” are both excellent cuts from the album. Neither stands out the most, though the lyrics in both are very unique. I found the acoustic “Forever Yours” to be beautifully executed. Then there’s the song “Mum” which is a very personal track that appears to be in regards to someone’s feeling about a mother’s overdose.

Adornment is unique, fun, catchy, and flooding with emotions. There are so many good things about this album, but there are certain aspects about it that make it hard to just want to listen to. I promise though, giving it a chance will be one of the better things you did this year.

Grayscale – Adornment

Release: May 5, 2017 – Fearless Records
Rating: 10/10 – Brad LaPlante
Replay Worthy: “Come Undone (ft Patty Walters),” “Atlantic,” “Mum”