Album Review: Figure It Out – ‘Silence Isn’t Golden’

Album Review: Figure It Out – ‘Silence Isn’t Golden’
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Figure It Out is most likely a band you’re more likely to find from them following your Twitter or Instagram account. My circumstance was the same. I started listening to a few of their songs and while they were pleasing, I never took a significant interest in their music until they released a cover of the Chainsmokers’ hit single “Closer” (and in my opinion, their version was the best cover to be released). I liked a track from their last EP, “Nothing To Lose,” which actually had guest vocals from Beau Bokan embedded in it. Still, none of their original music was a stand-out to me.

So here lies the band’s third EP, Silence Isn’t Golden, and while it’s not the most impressive thing I’ve heard, it follows a promising stand-alone single “Don’t Let It Be,” and has some cuts that I think most can enjoy. First off, the opening track (also serving as the lead single), “Second Best,” is one of my favorite songs to release this year. “Lullaby” and the title track “Silence Isn’t Golden” are okay-ish. They are super skippable, but the closing track “Sleep Without You” is such a nice end to an EP that is very emotional in its mood. Not to say that Figure It Out’s third EP is anything special or amazing, however it’s an impressive cut from the band’s work and is a move in the right direction. Maybe we might see a full-length soon?

Figure It Out – Silence Isn’t Golden

Release: September 1, 2017 – Independent
Rating: 7/10
Replay Worthy: “Second Best”