Album Review: Creeper – ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’

Album Review: Creeper – ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’
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The rock genre, as a whole, has been struggling for the last decade or so. We’ve seen stars like Bring Me The Horizon, and such, make their case for radio airplay. Sure, Pierce the Veil, SWMRS, and some of the rest of the industry’s brighter acts get some press for playing late-night TV shows, but it’s been awhile since a band released a full-length album that was entirely theatrical. In fact, to see a British rock act forge their own path, which hasn’t been done (at least, well) since My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade, is truly amazing. So without further introduction, meet Creeper‘s debut album, Eternity, In Your Arms.

“Black Rain” kicks off the album with a twinkly piano section before hefty AFI-like vocals take over. The music fits well, though, as the combination of instrumentation/vocals provides amble spookiness to set up the next song, “Poison Pens” – an aggressive, yet creepy, punk salute (“I feel like an angel for you, now I do the deeds the devils do”). Some of these songs trail between drama and earnest, with “Suzanne” and “Hiding With Boys” covering all areas in a West Coast pop-punk feel, while “I Choose To Live” closes the album with ease. Theatrical themes are rarely impressive, but the execution performed by Creeper is so phenomenal. It’s certain that a US takeover is a must because, after all, misery never goes out of style.

Creeper – Eternity, In Your Arms
Release: March 24, 2017 – Roadrunner Records
Rating: 10/10 – Brad LaPlante

Replay Worthy: “Suzanne,” “Misery,” “Hiding With Boys”