Album Review: Can’t Swim – ‘Fail You Again’

Album Review: Can’t Swim – ‘Fail You Again’
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Bigger band, bigger sounds. Can’t Swim has returned with their debut full-length, Fail You Again, and it does everything beyond what we hoped it would. While their previous EP Death Deserves A Name was very aggressive in its sound, the elements that make up this twelve-track debut are wondrous. There are some faster moments through the record (“What’s Your Big Idea?”), there are some slower ones (“Quitting”), and then there’s everything else. The instrumentation is built on a larger scale and the added rhythms help a ton, vocalist Chris LoPorto has improved immensely within his singing, and songs like “Friend” and “We Won’t Sleep” become incredible, memorable songs through listening. While staying catchy but staying raw, it’s no doubt that Can’t Swim has created something beyond impressive to cement themselves as one of the bigger bands in the scene.

Can’t Swim – Fail You Again
March 10, 2017 – Pure Noise Records
8/10 – Brad LaPlante

Replay Worthy: “Friend,” “Hey Amy”