Album Review: Bea Miller – ‘chapter two: red’

Album Review: Bea Miller – ‘chapter two: red’
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If you’re not familiar with Bea Miller, you might need to start. The famed former 2012 X-Factor finalist is releasing alt-pop anthems and is proving that her 2015 debut album, Not An Apology, wasn’t even a fifth of what she is truly capable of. While Not An Apology struggled to move Miller out of her own comfort zone, her newer music is unique and continues to stretch the boundaries of pop and alternative.

Her emo-pop sensation continues in chapter two: red. Obviously chapter two is the follow-up to chapter one: blue, which was a much more extravagant release than red is. red feels complete and well-done, as to where blue felt very anthemic in its nature. “like that” is radio-ready that uses sensation to relate with the audience. Then there’s “buy me diamonds” using a cliche, yet powerful, feminism tactic to further her platform for women empowerment; still no surprise as “yes girl” pushed that narrative too. The three-track release closes with “warmer,” a poppy bit that draws hip-hop and mainstream influence – something that Bea Miller hasn’t done before.

The three songs showcase the explicit extraordinary talents of such a young musician. This chapter is an interesting display of Miller’s talents as a singer and songwriter. I think I’m more-so anticipating her next release, as every song she unveils continues to show off maturity. I’m ready for chapter three to be even better.

Bea Miller – chapter two: red
Release: June 2, 2017 – Hollywood Records

Rating: 8/10 – Brad LaPlante
Replay: “like that”
Buy it, Stream it, or Skip it?: Buy it. The collection isn’t very long yet worth listening to. It’s worth your money.