Album Review: ‘Anti-Melody’ by American Standards

Album Review: ‘Anti-Melody’ by American Standards
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Have you ever been pissed at pretty much everything? American Standards is the band for you, and “Anti-Melody” is their third album that they have released in six years.

On the band’s Bandcamp page (which you can view here), a quote from their vocalist gives a short synopsis of the album. In it, he says that the album has an overall theme of separation, which I definitely heard in each and every track. I also noticed that, if this were pressed onto vinyl, one could tell which sides would be Side A and B. The divide is right after Bartenders Without Wings and Danger Music #9, which is fitting considering the composition of the songs and the contents of the lyrics.

The album itself is a social commentary relating to feelings of loneliness and ignorance, which it does extremely well using elements of hardcore, noise and screamo, putting them together in a finely blended mix, with added abrasiveness and raw emotion, which helped me identify and relate to the lyrics in these nine songs. I have listened to this album again and again, and when I do, I find a new song, a new part, or a new arrangement that I had not noticed before, which makes the music even deeper and authentic each time.

If you are a fan of heavy, emotional music, this is the band and the album for you, and it is a must listen. Check out American Standards’ Facebook page here and listen to Anti-Melody here.

American Standards
Release: April 28th, 2017
Rating: 10/10 – John N. Mastroberardino
Replay: “Carpe Diem Tomorrow,” “Bartenders Without Wings,” “Danger Music #9,” “Chicago Overcoat.”
Buy it, Stream it, or Skip it?: Buy it for sure!