What’s happening with As I Lay Dying?

What’s happening with As I Lay Dying?
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Last night, As I Lay Dying posted a rather cryptic status update on their Facebook page, simply saying “Activity.” Lambesis’ personal page and the band’s Twitter also posted the message, implying that something might be happening with the band.

The band has not been active since 2013, when all of its members, except frontman Tim Lambesis, left the band. Lambesis was arrested on the grounds of attempting to have his then-wife killed by a “hitman,” who was actually an undercover police officer. Lambesis was convicted and sentenced to six years in prison, while the rest of the band went off to form a new project called Wovenwar, releasing two studio albums since then.

Despite the initial sentence, Lambesis actually only served about two and a half years of his sentence; he was released in December of 2016.

This is an odd situation, especially considering the only posts from AILD social media for the past three years have been on Father’s Day, commemorating the holiday. Interestingly, there was no such post this year.

Will As I Lay Dying re-form with new members? Is the original band coming back together? Is Tim doing a solo project and using the old band’s social media to promote it? Or is this all some sort of elaborate prank? Take a look at the posts below and decide for yourself.